Metal stamping parts processing advantages

Shenzhen metal stamping parts processing advantages
The processing technology of metal stamping parts is relatively comprehensive;
1. Compared with castings and forgings, stamping parts have the characteristics of thinness, uniformity, lightness, and strength. Stamping can produce workpieces with ribs, ribs, rugged or flanging that are difficult to produce by other methods to improve their rigidity.
High precision of metal stamping parts
2. When selecting fine molds, the precision of the workpiece can reach the micron level, and the repeatability is high, and the standards are common. It can punch holes, bosses, etc., cold stamping parts generally no longer need to be cut, or only a few cutting processes The precision and appearance of stamping parts are lower than cold stamping parts, but still better than castings and forgings, and the amount of cutting is less.
3. When stamping, because the mold ensures the scale and shape accuracy of the stamping parts, and generally does not damage the appearance quality of the stamping parts, and the life of the mold is generally longer, the quality of the stamping is stable, the interchangeability is good, and it has the same “exactly.” Characteristics.
The strength and rigidity of metal stamping parts are high
4. Stamping can process large-scale and messy-shaped parts, such as stopwatches as small as wall clocks, as large as car stringers, cover parts, etc., plus the cold deformation and hardening effect of materials during stamping, and the strength and stiffness of stamping Both are higher.
The processing cost of metal stamping parts is low, and the material loss is low;
5. Stamping generally does not generate chips and scraps, and the cost of materials is less, and other heating equipment is not required, so it is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method, and the cost of stamping parts is lower.
Metal stamping parts processing can achieve a multi-functional use
Metal stamping parts
6. Stamping is an efficient production method. Choose compound dies, especially multi-station progressive dies, which can complete multiple stamping processes on a single press (single station or multi-station), and finish uncoiling by strip , Fully automatic production from leveling, punching to forming and finishing.
Metal stamping parts processing has extreme pressure and wear resistance
7. The special high-end punching oil is made of sulfurized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester, which has excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. The use of punching oil can effectively maintain the mold and extend the service life of the equipment.
Metal stamping parts processing mechanization and automation are convenient
8. The stamping processing operation is convenient and easy to complete mechanization and automation. This is because stamping relies on punching dies and stamping equipment to complete the processing. Generally, the stroke number of the press can reach dozens of times per minute, and the high-speed pressure can reach several per minute. A hundred times or even more than a thousand times, and each stamping stroke may get a stamped part.