Mobile phone sliding cover spring

The mobile phone slide requires an auxiliary tool to make the mobile phone smooth and oriented when it is opened. In reality, there are many equipment that can perform this function, but due to the shrinking space requirements and cost control of modernization, the torque is finally selected. Spring, a fully deformed spring.

It starts with the material, 1. Change the material deformation from a 1.0mm round material line to a 1.75mm wide 0.5mm flat line; 2. Change the shape from the original 4 circles 4.0mm height to 4 circles 1.0mm high In the change. In the space-saving phase, the torsion force of the torsion spring is also increased, and the working life of the torsion spring is improved.

*Characteristics of mobile phone slider torsion spring:

1. Small space used:

After the material and structure are changed, the mobile phone slider spring only needs one thread size of the original required material.

2. Good orientation function:

Because the torsion spring uses a flat wire, and the structural characteristics (it is a compressed torsion spring composed of two large arcs and two small arcs). When the sliding cover is pushed beyond the spring horizontal line, the spring will automatically The person who yearns for the excess pushes and fixes it at the highest position, which plays a directional function.

Three, long service life:

Due to the characteristics of the structure, the main power in the process of use comes from the auxiliary force of two large arcs and two small arcs. In the life theory of springs, the greater the arc, the longer the spring life it is good.