Oil quenched steel wire

At present, the number of oil-quenched steel wire production companies in China is gradually increasing, and foreign companies have also built factories in China to produce oil-quenched steel wires. However, the products are basically in the shadow of foreign steel wires. Few domestic oil-quenched steel wire companies can use the products. The main problem is that the quality of the product cannot meet the needs of the automotive industry. Valve springs represented by Chinese spring factories, suspension spring companies mostly use imported oil-quenched steel wires. Quality of domestic oil-quenched steel wires The improvement of steel wire is a systemic problem, which requires efforts and cooperation from all sides. Now we will mainly analyze the ways to improve and control the quality of oil quenched-tempered steel wire from a technical perspective.
The typical use of oil-quenched-tempered steel wire is to make valve springs and suspension springs for automobile engines. At present, the automotive industry is developing in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving, requiring springs to be reduced in size and weight. This means that spring steel wires must bear higher At present, foreign requirements for valve springs are: under high stress conditions, they are repeatedly compressed 3000-5000 times per minute, and the fatigue life can reach the 8th power of 1×10. The failure rate is less than 3 ×10 to the 6th power. Developed countries mainly focus on improving the purity of steel and improving the surface quality to improve the quality of oil-quenched-tempered steel wire. And our domestic efforts in this area are not enough, the main reason is steel mills It is out of touch with the steel wire manufacturer, and the information is transmitted smoothly. There is no joint force to do this work. For example, in the past ten years, the wire drawing plant of Shougang Special Steel Co., Ltd. belongs to Shougang Special Steel Co., Ltd. The transmission of quality information is rapid and the coordination is smooth, which is also an important reason why the company’s oil quenching and tempering steel wire product quality is leading in China.