Performance of steel belt reinforced pipe

Performance of steel belt reinforced pipe:
1. The characteristics of the base material of the pipeline can be effectively used for more than 50 years at 20°C, so the pipeline has strong anti-aging properties. In an environment of minus 60°C, the pipe will not freeze or leak, and the weight of the pipe is only the same specification concrete 1/8 of the pipe, 2/3 of the traditional winding plastic structure pipe, easy to transport, easy to construct, no need to use large construction equipment.

2. The pipeline is light in weight, convenient to connect, and does not require high excavation projects. In the construction of urban drainage projects, it can save engineering time and engineering costs. The connection methods are diverse and simple, and the construction can be simple and rapid on site.

3. The pipeline has low friction coefficient, strong medium transport capacity, smooth interior, low friction resistance and fast drainage.

4. The pipe material is anti-corrosion HDPE material, which will not be corroded by the acid, alkali and oil in sewage and wastewater.

5. The product is a flexible pipeline. When subjected to external impact, it has excellent performance in restoring its original shape, and it is not easy to break under the condition of foundation settlement.

6. Polyethylene itself is a non-toxic and renewable material and will not pollute the environment.