Precautions for alloy saw blades

1. Hang the alloy saw blade on a dry shelf at 90 degrees, and be sure to stay away from damp places, because once the saw blade gets damp, it will rust. Never place the alloy saw blade flat on the ground or on the shelf. Cause the alloy saw blade to deform.
2. When installing the alloy saw blade, first determine whether the alloy saw blade has gaps, twists, unevenness, and tooth loss before installing it.
3. The saw teeth of the alloy saw blade are very sharp, do not bump or fall on the ground, and be sure to handle it gently to avoid unnecessary trouble.
4. The cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the alloy saw blade must be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table. It is strictly forbidden to install in the opposite direction, the wrong direction will cause the tooth to fall.
5. Do not exceed the specified maximum speed.
6. When using, you must wear protective covers, gloves, safety helmets, protective shoes, and protective glasses.
7. When installing the alloy saw blade, you must first confirm the performance and purpose of the saw blade, and read the instructions carefully. So as not to install it wrong.
8. After the alloy saw blade is installed, first confirm whether the center hole of the saw blade is fixed on the flange of the saw blade. If there is a gasket, the gasket must be covered; then, gently push the saw blade by hand to confirm the saw blade Whether the rotation shakes eccentrically.
9. After replacing the alloy saw blade, pre-rotate for one minute, let the saw table enter the working state, and then cut.