Production method of spring steel wire

Different types of spring steel wire have different production methods. The common characteristics are that they need certain strength, high toughness and good coil spring performance.

The manufacturing methods of various spring steel wires are as follows:
Process flow of raw drawing spring steel wire: (steel) wire rod — surface treatment — wire drawing (mattress steel wire can be used in this method) lead quenching spring steel wire: conduct lead bath quenching in the middle specification of wire rod size or cold drawing, and then carry out surface treatment and wire drawing.

Galvanized spring steel wire: it is usually hot-dip plated or electroplated in the finished product size, or cold drawn to the specified size after acid pickling and hot-dip plating.
Oil quenched spring steel wire: carbon steel or alloy steel can be used as required. After surface treatment and cold drawing to the finished product size, quenching and tempering treatment is carried out. This process is widely used in steel wire for automobile suspension spring and valve spring, and ordinary spring can also be used.