Production process of elastic spring wire

Production process of elastic spring wire

Common steel grades and existing standards of elastic spring steel wire

Elastomeric spring steel wire is often made of high-carbon steel, and its steel grade and current standards are shown in the table below.

Main production process

Due to the characteristics of elastic spring steel wire, not only the mechanical properties-high tensile strength, but also high toughness is required. Therefore, the heat treatment before drawing the steel wire must be lead quenching (sortenitizing). Moreover, from the wire rod processing to the finished steel wire, there must be sufficient drawing reduction ratio to ensure that the steel wire meets high tensile strength and high toughness.

The production process is shown in Figure 1.

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As can be seen from the flow chart in Figure 1, the main production process of carbon spring steel wire: from lead quenching to drawing, is repeated. This is the need of steel wire production, but also to meet the standard requirements. In the specific production process, according to different standards, different delivery groups, and different sizes of finished steel wires, reasonable production techniques must be adopted to produce products that customers demand.

Carbon spring steel wire product use

The carbon spring steel wire produced by continuous line is mainly used to directly manufacture various types of compression springs and tension springs (tempered and shaped) to obtain the expected mechanical properties. Also, wire ropes can be woven