Removal of upper die base parts of precision die in stamping plant

Removal of upper die base parts of precision die in stamping plant
1、 When removing the parts of the upper die base of the precision die in the stamping factory: hold the screw rod of the die lift with both hands and erect the upper die in a vertical state. Remove the stop screw anticlockwise in the order from left to right, and put the removed stop screw into the specified plate.
1. For the mold without height stop column, it is necessary to level the mold after the mold is erected
2. If the head is worn seriously, the screw will slide
3. When taking out the screw, if the screw is slipping or the hexagon hole in the head is deformed, the screw must be scrapped in time.
4. Before removing the stop screw, check whether it is 0.8 ~ 1.0mm lower than the die base surface
2、 The left hand refers to quickly lift the force transfer pin, and after catching the pressure spring with the right hand, slightly lift the right hand to make the pressure spring tilt upward, and take out the force transmission pin together with the force transfer pin, in the order of left to right, put the removed force transfer pin and pressure spring into the specified plate
1. If there is fracture in the pressure spring which is close to the service life, the broken pressure spring shall be scrapped
2. If the head of dowel pin is seriously worn, it should be scrapped
3. Check the condition of the spring (unloading spring and ejecting spring, etc.), depending on whether it is broken, or if it has been used for a long time, but it has lost its original strength due to fatigue, it must be maintained and replaced regularly, otherwise, the mold will be damaged or the production will not be smooth.
4. In addition, the auxiliary system, such as the ejector pin, floating block, whether it can be ejected, whether the guide pin and its bushing have been worn, should be inspected and maintained.