Safety precautions in workshop of stamping parts manufacturer

Safety precautions in workshop of stamping parts manufacturer
1. When working in the workshop of stamping parts manufacturer, concentrate on work, do things seriously, do not joke, do not go to work or chat.
2. Wearing sandals, slippers, shorts, vest or barefoot are not allowed to enter the workshop.
3. Before, during and after the shift, check whether the equipment and stamping die are safe and effective, report immediately when any unsafe hidden danger is found, and stop the machine immediately and report if there is continuous punching.
4. The circuit of the machine should be orderly, and the body should be kept away from each other when working; to prevent short-circuit explosion injury and electric shock. No fireworks are allowed on the workshop site.
5. You can only use your fingers to press the button. It is strictly forbidden to touch other parts of your body. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any fault in the switch button. It is strictly forbidden to run the punch with fault. It is strictly forbidden to operate the punch with one hand, inching, connecting and single acting. Before the flywheel is stopped, do not stop the flywheel from running with safety rod or put your hand into the mold for operation, adjustment or mold maintenance.
6. Do not use violence to lock the mold to prevent the wrench from slipping or the brain touching the machine
7. When it is found that the material is about to fall or the pulling die is about to fall off during the production of stamping parts, do not rescue it. Material and mold damage can be recycled, and personal injury is a big thing. It is strictly forbidden to drop materials or stamping dies on purpose.
8. It is forbidden to slide or “drift” while standing on the forklift or mold truck.