Scientific Research of Construction Machinery (1)

The status quo of the construction machinery industry
A wide variety of construction machinery with different functions are widely used in transportation, energy, mining, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, municipal construction and modern national defense construction in the construction of the national economy. : Construction machinery manufacturing industry, as an important part of China’s manufacturing industry, once became an industry with the fastest growth, economic benefits and good product market prospects, and has a pivotal and irreplaceable position and role in the entire equipment industry system .

However, with the continuous deepening and advancement of the market economy and reform and opening up, especially after joining the WTO, China’s construction machinery industry will face increasingly fierce competition, because in accordance with China’s commitment to foreign negotiations, China’s construction machinery industry will Cancel import control. Many well-known manufacturers in the world are bound to flock to the beach to set up locations and enter the Chinese market. In an equal competitive position, it will compete with my country’s construction machinery products.

Needless to say, on the whole, there is a big gap in the quality, life and reliability of domestic construction machinery products compared with foreign products. Take loaders, excavators and bulldozers as examples. The average service life of domestic machines is about 6000-7000h, while foreign machines are more than 20000h; the failure-free period of domestic machines is about 300h (some or even less), while foreign machines It reaches 500-1000h. As far as the service life of key components is concerned, domestic engines are around 3000h, while foreign ones exceed 8000h; domestic hydraulic pumps are about 2500h, while foreign ones are 5000-8000h.

The data shows that the average life and reliability of domestic machines are only 1/2~1/3 of those of foreign machines, and the gap between the two is very obvious. So much so that in my country’s large construction sites such as the Gezhouba of the Yangtze River and the Xiaolangdi of the Yellow River, almost all foreign construction machinery such as Caterpillar’s bulldozers and Komatsu’s excavators are hard to find. For many years, this cannot but be said to be a reality that has made each of us construction machinery practitioners ashamed and must face.

This article is provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network, please pay attention to the content provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network

This article is provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network, please pay attention to the content provided by the Machinery Knowledge Network

Analyzing the above-mentioned status quo of the construction machinery industry is not optimistic, the reason is that on the one hand, the company’s management level is not high, and the production and manufacturing process levels are low, resulting in poor quality of parts, components and even the complete machine; on the other hand, it is due to the independent development of the company , Weak innovation ability, failing to carry out or not paying attention to fruitful scientific research, failing to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so that most of the construction machinery products cannot be upgraded quickly to meet the needs of market development.

Obviously, in order to fundamentally reverse this situation, the only effective way is for companies to rely on scientific and technological progress to pay attention to and strengthen the scientific research of construction machinery: study how to improve product performance, improve its structure, and improve its technological content; study how to improve The manufacturing capacity and technological level of the enterprise ensure the product design index and quality; study how to implement and implement the brand strategy of the enterprise, and improve the ability to respond to market demand and the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. These all involve how to transform traditional industries and traditional products, so as to comprehensively upgrade construction machinery enterprises. It can be seen that it is a major and urgent research topic that is driving the industry and has a strong overall effect.

2 Features of Engineering Machinery Research

2.1 Harsh working environment, high product reliability

Many construction machinery must be operated in extremely harsh environments such as humidity, dust and even corrosion. Moreover, with the expansion and deepening of the scale of engineering construction, high-speed, heavy-load, high-power, reliable and flexible construction machinery has become an urgent need for users, and higher requirements are also put forward for products. Especially like the complex and changeable topography and geological structure in the development of the western region, the climatic conditions with large differences in temperature and humidity formed by the vast area require construction machinery not only to withstand high temperature, high cold and high pressure, but also to have the same life under normal working conditions. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of construction machinery from material selection to design, processing and use, and it is also a challenging new topic for scientific research personnel of construction machinery.