Scientific Research of Construction Machinery (2)

2.2 Long period from scientific research results to promotion and application
According to statistics, 32% of the existing machinery and equipment in my country’s equipment industry have served more than 30 years. Most of these equipment are at the level of the 1950s and 1960s. And construction machinery manufacturing enterprises are no exception, such traditional equipment and manufacturing technology, compared with foreign countries, there is a big gap.

It is precisely because of the backward design methods and the constraints of manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes. Even the new construction machinery products developed by Chinese scientific researchers have spent time and effort through scientific research. From design, manufacturing, testing, testing to appraisal and production, The promotion period must be longer. We know that Science and Technology Day

Monthly changes, the product market is changing rapidly, whoever seizes the opportunity in time can gain the initiative. Due to the long cycle, some domestic construction machinery has been outdated and backward from the time it came out, and the products lacked competitiveness and were eliminated. Therefore, improving the technical equipment and process level of the construction machinery manufacturing industry is undoubtedly an extremely important guarantee for the promotion of scientific research results and the application of new products.

2.3 Outdated concepts, lack of scientific research needs and pull

Practice has proved that the scientific research process and its results depend to a certain extent on the stimulation and pull of market demand. Now, due to the transformation of enterprises, in addition to national key construction projects and key enterprises, there are a considerable number of project construction decision makers or business operators. During their contract period, they are often seeking stability and fear of danger, as long as the existing mechanical equipment can If you recover funds and gain profits, you will no longer invest and use new domestic construction machinery. When faced with high-profit, high-risk new construction machinery and low-profit, low-risk traditional machinery to choose, it is often easier to accept the latter.

This outdated and conservative concept objectively makes the scientific research of construction machinery and the promotion and use of new technologies lack the pull and stimulation of demand. According to the laws of market economy, if there is no demand, there will be no market, and there will be no driving force for scientific research on engineering machinery, which affects the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel and prevents scientific research results from being converted into productivity in time.

2.4 involves a wide range of knowledge fields, requiring high-quality scientific research personnel

Today, the rapid progress of science and technology has made engineering machinery products a high-tech carrier that integrates machinery, electricity, hydraulics, cooling and biotechnology. The professional knowledge involved in the product is no longer a single, mechanical discipline in the traditional sense, but the crossover and penetration of multi-disciplinary knowledge such as integration of electronics, communications, satellites, biology and ecological environment. To carry out research on construction machinery topics and solve related technical problems, interdisciplinary and multi-field cooperation is required.

In fact, industrialized countries have been using cutting-edge technologies emerging in various contemporary fields, such as automatic control, fault self-checking, and global positioning navigation. The system, remote control, and laser technology have been applied to construction machinery one after another. For example, electronic control devices and systems with a microcomputer or microprocessor as the core have been successfully applied to excavators,

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on the loader. Electronic power optimization, electronic speed regulation, automatic transmission and automatic monitoring of working conditions are possible; automatic feeding of paver, automatic weighing of mixing equipment, and precise operation of rollers have also become reality. There is no doubt that in order to improve the quality level of domestic construction machinery and the technological level of manufacturing and processing, and conduct scientific research on new technologies of modern construction machinery, there is not a large number of knowledgeable, diligent, and highly responsible and mission-oriented scientific researchers. A high-quality scientific research team with dedication and team spirit is unimaginable.