Scientific Research of Construction Machinery (4)

The scientific research of construction machinery must not only be satisfied with solving the practical problems of the enterprise, but also focus on original innovation. In other words, scientific research should be forward-looking. It is essential to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen basic research and general technology research in order to increase technical reserves. Only in this way can the enterprise have a solid foundation for scientific research and development, so that it can accumulate and have an inexhaustible development stamina.
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The government’s support for the development of the construction machinery industry, in addition to increasing investment in scientific research and development, should focus on supporting construction machinery technological innovation and construction and the promotion and application of scientific research results. The most urgent task is to build a national-level engineering machinery research and innovation team to lead the scientific research strength of key enterprise technology centers. It is necessary to establish an open national construction machinery scientific research laboratory, and strengthen the formulation and construction of corresponding regulations, standards and quality inspection guarantee systems.

Perfect and improve the transformation of scientific research results and the technical information service system. For the research on major equipment projects of construction machinery, it is even more necessary to organize scientific research forces, experts and scholars inside and outside the industry to conduct collaborative research to achieve complementary advantages and the sharing of resources and results. As soon as possible, realize the transformation of product R&D strategy that focuses on introducing technology and tracking development to focusing on independent innovation and taking both introduction and absorption into consideration. 6 Insist on sustainable development as the direction of engineering machinery scientific research.

People-oriented, energy saving, environmental protection and safety have become the direction and overall goal of achieving sustainable development for the machinery industry and mechanical products in the 21st century. The construction machinery with the largest number, variety and widest application coverage in the construction of the national economy should take sustainable development as the task and direction of scientific research. The clean production of construction machinery must be thoroughly studied and promoted, and clean construction machinery products must be developed and launched. Strive to make the product use and manufacturing process safe and comfortable to operate, make the most of green energy and green materials, and minimize the pollution and harm to people and the environment.

According to reports, developed countries have spent huge sums of money to dedicate themselves to scientific research in this area, and in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development, continue to develop intelligent, low-pollution loaders and various maneuvers with microclimate conditions and comfortable cabs. Type construction machinery and so on. Domestic researchers have also made some progress in the application of high and new technologies such as energy saving, consumption reduction, and pollution reduction, and the development of green energy to equip construction machinery. However, to narrow the gap with foreign products, improve the quality of domestic construction machinery products, to occupy the domestic market and finally to the international market, scientific research should be the guide, technological innovation as the means, brave exploration, continuous progress, and catch up. So that construction machinery products with Chinese characteristics can be on the world stage as soon as possible.