Selection guide for pressure calibration

At present, China’s petroleum, chemical, natural gas smelting, machinery, electricity, food processing, wine and other industries are widely used primary and secondary meters, such as I series, YS-80, DDZII, III series meters, and transmitters , Pressure gauge, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other instruments. After a long period of operation, it needs to be measured and calibrated to ensure the smooth operation of my country’s industrial enterprises. In the measurement test, the inspection is often required, but the inspection cost is high, and some are far from convenient. Therefore, new enterprises establish measurement standards to achieve the purpose of saving verification costs and being timely and convenient.
The following will focus on several metering calibrators with good market response. For readers to refer.

Solution 1: The CW2000 series pressure calibrator is a digital pressure calibration instrument introduced by our country earlier. This instrument uses a hand-operated pressure pump or an electric pressure pump as the pressure source, and combines modern digital measurement technology and high-precision pressure sensors. As a whole, it can calibrate various pressure transmitters, pressure meters, and pressure equipment for negative pressure, medium and low pressure, and high pressure. Its self-distributed random software is very helpful for computer management of pressure data, printing of report accounts, management of verification cycles, and paperless verification.

After being developed in 2003, with the advantages of high precision, stable performance and low price (only one third of the price of similar foreign instruments), the products have been in short supply. The third-generation pressure calibrator recently developed has higher performance and lower price, and introduced a pressure calibration meter with an accuracy of 0.02. And the introduction of the CW2000 automatic pressure calibration platform has contributed to China’s thermal pressure calibration business! This program is suitable for industries that require electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, or a large number of pressure gauge pressure transmitter calibration calibration, or all levels of measurement testing So.

Solution 2: HY series digital piston pressure gauge, the digital piston pressure gauge is an organic combination of digital pressure gauge and piston pressure gauge, making it not only has the digital pressure gauge simple operation, rapid pressure measurement, power measurement and a variety of ranges , A variety of pressure units display function. At the same time, it also has the advantages of high accuracy, long-term stability and reliability of the piston pressure gauge. The digital piston pressure gauge not only expands the accuracy level of the pressure gauge, but also expands the pressure gauge Range of use. At the same time, through a series of major improvements to the material, working medium and structure of the pressure gauge piston component, the performance of the piston has been qualitatively improved. Performance characteristics: It can be used as a piston pressure gauge or a digital pressure gauge.

Plan three: YU/YS series digital piston pressure gauges, YS-2/YS-6/YS-60/YS-600 and other models. This program is the most traditional pressure measurement method, economical and highly stable. Chuangwei Technology Co., Ltd. has improved the traditional piston pressure gauge based on the original West German technology to make it more vibrant.

When calibrating intelligent pressure instruments, the following recommended selection schemes can be used on site:

CW series comprehensive calibrator, this kind of instrument has complete functions, intuitive display, simple operation, and convenient to carry. It can be used in laboratories and on-site without power supply. The output accuracy of the CW3000 comprehensive calibrator is even 0.1uV or 0.1uA, and it adopts a three-meter digital LCD display, which can display two output DC analog voltage and current signals at the same time, and one measurement of DC voltage and current signals, using AC and DC The power supply can be widely applied to industrial enterprises such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas smelting, electric power, etc., and has a higher cost-performance ratio. The RZJ series thermal automatic verification system and the TC series secondary instrument calibration system are the latest thermocouple and thermal resistance calibration instruments, which are based on a high starting point, strong functions and many series.

All have realized the full automation of the secondary instrument verification process, that is, automatic temperature control, automatic verification, automatic data processing, automatic error judgment, automatic storage and printing of reports, and automatic printing of verification results, making the cumbersome and complicated secondary instrument verification work. Simple, greatly improving work efficiency and work quality. If you do not have a thermal laboratory, if you are adding equipment for thermal secondary instrument calibration, please focus on this product. PI-2000B1 field calibrator, the instrument is compact and small, only 0.5Kg, the output function only retains 0~20mA, 0 100mV, 0 5V and 24V, and the measurement function is only 0~200mA. The instrument has a built-in nickel-metal hydride fast rechargeable battery pack, which is an ideal instrument for on-site calibration of Type II, III, I series, 1151 and other similar instruments. The price is the lowest among the same type of instruments in China.