Serpentine spring_ Advantages of spring coupling

The spring coupling made of serpentine spring is a kind of metal elastic coupling with advanced structure. It transmits torque by serpentine spring. Its transmission characteristics and advantages are as follows:
1. Good shock absorption and long service life
The serpentine spring with trapezoidal cross-section is made of high-quality spring steel after strict heat treatment and special processing. It has good mechanical properties, so that the service life of the coupling is much longer than that of the coupling with non-metallic elastic elements
2. It can bear a wide range of variable load and start safely
When the transmission torque increases, the spring plate will deform along the tooth arc surface, so that the force points of the two half couplings acting on the serpentine spring are close to each other. The change of the contact point between the spring and the tooth surface, that is, the torque, changes with the transmission torque, Its transmission characteristic is variable stiffness. Therefore, it can bear more load and variable momentum than the general elastic coupling. The buffer effect produced when the serpentine spring deforms along the tooth arc due to the driving force, especially when the machine is started or when the load is strongly impacted, it can protect the safety of the supporting parts to a certain extent