Several compression springs

The spring pressure of compression spring is able to bear the pressure of opening or closing at both ends, or is basically flat or polished, mainly circular cross-section is rectangular steel material retention and weighing system is useful there are other sources and variable terrain compression spring cylinder number, convex concave cone and small non-circular selection and variety end, may require molding product design, compression ring There are some differences between the compression deformation and the external energy storage load in spring.

Make spring steel around the coil spring. There are many helical springs. In different shapes, they can be divided into ordinary cylindrical coil spring and adjustable spring; the spring direction of the spring can be divided into left spring and right spring branch. Cylindrical spring structure is simple and convenient, the most widely used, for linear characteristics, can be used for compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring. When the load is large, the radial size limit cannot have two different diameters with the use of compression spring, combined with spring sleeve.
Potential energy of coil spring converted into kinetic energy

Conical coil spring, spiral spring and spiral spring concave cochlear volume adjustable spring. The performance of conical coil spring pad can bear high load better. Cochlear coil spring can store more energy and carry more goods, but the manufacturing process is complex. In spring concave has similar features, which are conical springs used in pillows and mattresses. The spring wire contains circular and rectangular surfaces, making the circle the most commonly used cross section. Coil spring torsion spring, torsion spring under the pressure, is a part of the work, is the surrounding dense coil. The spring structure should be turned into various forms of the crowd, not the hook. Torsion spring is widely used in automobile industry for body balance, electrical and so on.

The coil spring is a buffer assembly, after the helical shape, which will lubricate, not afraid of dirt, reduce weight and space position advantages. When the impact of the path treated wheel passes through the coil spring, the wheel deformation of the spring absorbing kinetic energy causes the spring potential energy to reduce the impact of the ground effect on the body. However, the coil spring itself does not consume the stored energy. The spring potential energy will return to its original form and the potential energy will be converted into kinetic energy. If used alone, do not remove the spring vibration characteristics of the car some acrobats like after the shock up and down, jumping “jump bed”.