Shot peening strengthening of clutch diaphragm spring

Diaphragm spring is one of the key parts in automobile clutch. Because of the quality problem of diaphragm spring, the early failure of clutch still occurs. In order to prolong its service life, many domestic clutch manufacturers use the special film spring shot peening equipment of willebrate group to carry out double-sided shot peening.

Diaphragm spring as an elastic element in the clutch in the use of the force situation is more complex. The experimental stress analysis shows that the lower surface (concave) of diaphragm spring is subjected to alternating tensile stress during the period from clutch engagement to complete separation. This destructive tensile stress eventually leads to premature cracking of the diaphragm spring, especially in the middle of the slot edge of the separation finger or 4-5mm from the edge. In addition, besides fatigue strength, there is another index that determines the performance of diaphragm spring, that is, elastic attenuation.

It has been proved that shot peening process can greatly improve the fatigue life and elastic attenuation performance of diaphragm spring, especially the diaphragm spring strengthening equipment of willebrate group. This set of shot blasting equipment with double rotation and pivot table is specially used for strengthening clutch spring. Its biggest advantage is economy, efficiency, high cost performance, large output and convenient operation. It can realize high-precision and high-quality intensive production, control and record, meet the most stringent specification requirements of customers for strengthening precision and process monitoring, and avoid the error and uncontrollability of human processing.

According to the actual application needs of customers, determine the best strengthening scheme and strengthening parameters, including shot material selection, shot angle, speed, coverage, speed, uniform strength, etc., to ensure high-precision strengthening treatment while ensuring production capacity.

With the development of parts manufacturing trend towards lightweight, longer and safer service life, strengthening process has become a necessary means. Chinese auto parts manufacturers have realized that strengthening plays an important role in delaying the fatigue failure time of parts, prolonging the effective service life and improving the performance of parts materials