Spring fixed structure of reciprocating compressor

Spring fixed structure of reciprocating compressor:
The utility model relates to a spring fixed structure of a reciprocating compressor, which comprises a frame, a reciprocating motor, a piston, a cylinder and a resonance spring; the elastic force of the frame is supported in the interior of the box; the reciprocating motor is installed in the interior of the frame to make the rotor move back and forth along a straight line; the piston is combined with the rotor of the reciprocating motor to carry out linear reciprocating motion together with the rotor, sucking fluid and compressing The cylinder is fixed on the frame to make the piston slide into the compression space; the resonance spring is provided with the rotor or between the spring support platform and the frame combined on the rotor to guide the rotor and the piston to resonate together; the spring fixing part with the inlet inclined surface is formed in the frame and rotor contacting with the end of the resonance spring or the spring support combined with the rotor on the rotor On the props. The invention makes the operation of inserting and fixing each resonance spring easier.