Spring machinery-heat treatment equipment

1. HH902-2B spring binding force normal temperature blackening agent
Performance characteristics: The blackening film’s binding force is comparable to high temperature blackening, which solves the world’s normal temperature blackening problem; without adding equipment, it is directly operated on the basis of HH902 normal temperature blackening process, with room temperature, high efficiency, energy saving, flexible production and protection All the characteristics of the environment; strong adaptability, can be used for various steel grade products.

2. YLSK-H210 tempering furnace,

Performance characteristics: The furnace temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily within 500℃, and the power consumption is about 30% after constant temperature. Meet energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Equipped with an intelligent temperature controller, high temperature resistance, high-intensity fiber lining insulation, can ensure the consistency of spring quality.

3. RJX wire annealing furnace

Performance characteristics: The furnace shell is welded by section steel and steel plate, and the furnace is built with aluminum silicate refractory fiber modules and ultra-lightweight high-aluminum foam bricks. The temperature control system adopts PID programmable control, with over-temperature alarm, fault self-diagnosis and other functions.

4. GR3 series crucible melting and holding furnace

Performance characteristics: The furnace body can be tilted, the maximum rotation angle is up to 90O, and it is easy to use; the crucible can be imported or domestic crucible; imported temperature controller and controllable module PID temperature control, high temperature control accuracy; set leakage safety interlock The alarm device can automatically alarm and cut off the heating power in case of liquid leakage, which is safe and reliable to use.

5. RJC mobile continuous tempering furnace

Performance characteristics: The temperature control in the heating area adopts a digital display temperature controller to control the grouped electric pipes, which can ensure that the temperature in the heating area is in a stable state, and the temperature adjustment is very convenient. Each heating area is also equipped with an internal circulation fan, which can make the temperature distribution in the heating area very uniform, so as to effectively ensure the consistency of the heating temperature of each workpiece and the stability of the tempering performance.