Spring temperature control

Spring temperature control
1. The significance of online infrared temperature measurement

1. Accurate temperature measurement-avoiding the unreliability of human observation

2. Non-contact, fast response-avoid the shortcomings of thermocouple taking away heat, destroying the temperature field and slow response

3. On-line detection-through high and low temperature alarms to avoid the generation of waste products and ensure the consistency of spring temperature

Second, the significance of the online infrared temperature acquisition system

1. Record and query historical data-effectively supervise the operation of on-site personnel

2. By setting production shifts and batch numbers-to track and analyze the problem springs used on your customer’s site, as the basis for improving the process

3. Print reports-provide your users with spring temperature data and curves, so that your users can trust your products more

3. The meaning of spring automatic quenching machine

1. Automatic quenching function-avoid the unreliability of manual operation, improve quality; at the same time reduce the work intensity of the operator and save manpower

2. Realize sorting according to control instructions-realize automatic operation and reflect the modernization of spring production line