Stamping workshop Design of precision metal stamping die

Stamping workshop
During the seven day holiday, most friends choose to visit relatives, travel and so on. And FSS hardware stamping production workshop, No. 4 began to be as hot as usual, we put the hard sweat as another kind of dedication to the motherland.
The designers of the engineering department are concentrating on designing the product drawings of stamping parts processing. The colleagues in the mold department, some operate drilling machines, some milling machines, some operate wire cutting, and some are seriously grinding the mold parts on the grinder, emitting sparks from time to time.
Then into the production workshop, a neat array of precision punch, is “bang bang” production of a piece of stamping processing products, there are mobile phone shield, there are all kinds of shrapnel, there are car hardware stamping parts. Each piece of precision stamping products, in the operator’s safe and responsible operation, accurately fell into the material box.
Before the festival, we received the customer’s request, and after the holiday, we need to hand in the appearance, which is very difficult for many stamping parts processing plants. So how does the company where Xiaobian works treat it?
Design of precision metal stamping die
After receiving the stamping parts processing drawings before the festival, we immediately started drawing and purchasing raw materials. After the festival, we arranged staff to work overtime. Finally, we handed in the samples within the specified time. We saw the customers call to express our thanks and approval.
Are you bothered by the need to do the stamping parts quickly? To make goods, it means that you have to get out of the mold quickly. Only in this way can we catch up with the large products of stamping parts processing. We have encountered too many similar events. We sincerely remind that it is very important to find a manufacturer who can produce the stamping parts processing dies in a short time.