Surface treatment of disc spring din2093

Surface treatment:
Also known as blackening, steel is heated in air or directly immersed in concentrated oxidizing solution to produce a very thin oxide film on the surface of disc spring.
Electrophoretic processing is to treat the surface of dished spring, remove the obstacles between the coating film and the coating surface, and eliminate the factors affecting the combination of the two, such as oil, rust, oxide scale and other impurities, so as to provide the following good conditions for electrophoretic coating.
Shot peening
It is also called shot peening strengthening, which uses the impact of high-speed shot flow to clean and strengthen the surface of disc spring, so as to improve the fatigue strength and service life of disc spring.
Generally, it is suitable for the surface treatment of carbon steel disc spring. The surface finish is very good. It reacts with phosphoric acid or phosphate to form a stable phosphate film on the surface of disc spring.
The surface treatment technology is to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of Belleville spring by electrolysis process; the common electroplating of dished spring includes zinc plating, nickel plating, etc.
Mechanical plating
It is a process of metal powder forming coating on the surface of disc spring by physical and chemical adsorption deposition and mechanical collision at room temperature and pressure. The common mechanical plating of disc spring includes: mechanical galvanizing, etc.
Also known as zinc chromium coating, is Dacromet transliteration and abbreviation. Compared with traditional electroplating, it is a kind of “green electroplating”, which has the characteristics of super corrosion resistance, no hydrogen brittleness, high heat resistance and no pollution.
Also known as zinc aluminum coating, is the transliteration and abbreviation of geomet. As a replacement product of Dacromet, it not only inherits many advantages of Dacromet, but also realizes chrome free surface treatment of disc spring.
Delta Tone
Delta Seal
German delta chromium free coating has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, high permeability, re coating and no environmental pollution. Salt spray test can meet the requirements of 240 to 2000 hours according to your requirements.