Technical observation and thinking of stamping and sheet metal manufacturing industry

New technology and application of servo press
(1) realize the follow-up process integration. Parts production often involves many processes, which need different processes to complete. One by one implementation needs to increase tooling equipment, which wastes a lot of time and reduces production efficiency. The servo press can program the stroke height and motion sequence freely according to the user’s requirements, so as to achieve maximum flexibility. It can also use the servo press to directly and reliably integrate welding or laser processes into an efficient stamping cycle, such as welding nuts, welding bolts, thread forming, component welding, riveting, etc.
Figure 1 structure diagram of servo press
(2) it can realize the plate forging which can not be achieved by the traditional press.
(3) a new type of servo direct drive punching press: high dynamic driving motor and one or two toggle bars. There is no mechanical connection, no lubrication, no wear transmission system can greatly improve the process reliability and parts quality.
(4) Schuler’s dual servo technology (Fig. 2): it is mainly used for large table multi station and independent press with more than 1000 tons. It is characterized by dual servo motor drive, lower driving device, pulling slider movement and realizing synchronous control. It can significantly improve the anti eccentric load capacity of the press, reduce the deflection of the press by 30%, and improve the bearing capacity of the single process, protect the mold and improve the quality of the parts; provide greater flexibility for the multi position layout; the active sliding block parallel control can lower the overall height of the press, better sealing, and meet the environmental requirements of noise prevention and oil-free.
Figure 2 Schuler 1000t double servo press
Domestic servo press has made great progress, but the research and development of low-speed high torque servo motor and control system core technology is still in the initial stage, which restricts the development of servo press in China. At present, there are more than 50 large-scale servo press production lines in use in China. Foreign brand presses account for 90% of the share. Only Shule company accounts for 50% of the total number of large-scale servo presses. Domestic brand presses only account for 10%. However, the core servo motors and control systems of these domestic servo presses all rely on imports. These core technologies are controlled by a few companies in Germany and Japan, and their prices are high. Domestic manufacturers’ technological development lags behind. They have not broken through the technical barriers of Europe, the United States and Japan, so they can only rely on imports. With the increasing demand for servo press, it is urgent to develop high torque servo motor and control system.
Laser technology is omnipotent
Laser technology “omnipotent”, can be called the omnipotent “light knife”. Laser has the characteristics of high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence. Laser technology has been widely used in aerospace, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, elevator manufacturing, kitchen appliances, electrical and electronic industries. Laser technology can complete marking, cutting, welding, cladding and quenching, surface heat treatment, 3D printing, drilling, cleaning and other processes. At present, domestic laser technology has made great progress and has broken the monopoly situation of foreign high-end laser equipment companies.
(1) the cutting thickness of thick plate is up to 50 mm for stainless steel and 40 mm for carbon steel.
(2) the maximum positioning speed of high-speed cutting machine can reach more than 200m / min.
(3) high power cutting machine can be more than 15kw in China.
(4) super large format cutting machine, large size parts can be cut and formed at one time. The width can reach 5M and the length can reach 8-50m.
(5) the full-automatic flexible processing production line (Fig. 3) is composed of multiple laser cutting machines and automatic systems. The automatic loading and unloading of materials and process transmission are realized. The whole processing process realizes information and intelligent control, breaking the foreign monopoly.
(6) automatic optical fiber three-dimensional pipe cutting machine can realize the three-dimensional cutting of various sections and holes of various pipe fittings.
(7) decoiling laser cutting line, instead of uncoiling blanking line, can save mold investment, and is more suitable for flexible production of various varieties and small batch, breaking the foreign monopoly.
(8) robot 3D laser cutting machine, high integration of fiber laser and industrial robot, flexible processing, completed at one time. It is mainly used for the cutting of automobile panel, instead of plasma cutting, trimming die and punching die. It can improve the quality of parts and save the cost of die.
(9) three dimensional five axis laser cutting machine for hot forming parts – high strength steel laser cutting forming, breaking the foreign monopoly.
(10) three dimensional five axis laser cutting, welding and 3D printing equipment, multiple functions, one machine.
(1) laser arc hybrid welding system has the advantages of both laser welding and arc welding. It is suitable for welding difficult welding materials and thick metal plates, and is suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials.
(2) Han’s laser intelligent equipment group has launched 15kw, 16kw, 20kW and other ultra-high power laser welding equipment, which can realize high-quality welding, single-sided welding and double-sided welding of 20mm stainless steel.
(3) laser tailor welding production line: realize the splicing of different materials, thickness and strength materials.
(4) remote welding – filler free welding can realize the automatic welding of some small and narrow space areas.
(5) laser automatic welding of auto body parts, power assembly and transmission system components can effectively ensure the welding quality of key parts of automobile.
Cladding and quenching
(1) laser cladding: improve wear resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, surface repair.
(2) laser quenching: gear, shaft and die surface hardening and surface heat treatment.