The application of the shape of the reed in mechanical machinery

Application of the shape of the reed in machinery:

An appearanceary reed is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. It’s basically made of spring steel. Used to monitor the movement of machine parts, relieve impact or vibration, store energy, measure the amount of force, etc. , is commonly used in machines, meters. The types of special types of pull reeds are complex and varied.

The shape of the special type pull reed is made of wire wire, his shape is suitable for all kinds, but also according to the needs of the market tailored.

A linear spring of the shape of a shaped shaped spring equipment, in which four or more winding the vertical distribution of the wire-oriented spindle of the central line forming tools, along the vertical in or almost vertical in the direction of the central line of the spindle, along the extension direction of the midline of the upper spindle, the heterogeneous pull reed and the above-mentioned forming tool impact on the incoming line from the top of the spindle.

The feature of this device is that it is also wrapped, a drive equipment used to rotate the rotating table first, corresponding to the sliding components mounted on the forming tool to stabilize the forward and backward orbits on the rotating table, these sliding components can be with the vertical or almost vertical in the center of the spindle, forward and backward in the extension direction of the mid-line of the spindle;

What is the main function of the heterogeneous spring, it can control the movement of machinery, such as the monitoring of the heteropic spring inside the clutch equipment. It absorbs vibration and impact energy, such as cars, special -shaped springs under the carriages of trains, and so on. Store and transmit energy as power, such as a special – shaped spring in a clock. Used in force-measuring elements, such as force measuring devices, etc. The force and deformation of the spring is stronger than that of a heterogeneous spring, and the stiffness of the heterogeneous spring is greater.

The special type of pull reed is a kind of elastic component commonly used in the mechanical and electronic industries, the shape spring can cause a larger elastic deformation when loaded, the mechanical energy or kinetic energy is transformed into deformation energy, and after the removal of force, the deformation of the special-shaped spring is lost and returned to the original, the deformation energy into mechanical energy or kinetic energy.