The current situation of the precision spring industry

The definition of precision springs is very wide and there are many types. Broadly speaking, there are tension springs, torsion springs, disc springs, compression springs, special-shaped springs, extension springs, scroll springs, torsion springs, gold-plated springs, special-shaped springs, stainless steel springs, Wire springs and so on. In a narrow sense, it refers to a spring with a small wire diameter.
At present, there are more than 1,600 precision spring manufacturing enterprises in my country, but the distribution is uneven, mainly in the economically developed southeast coastal area, and the industry layout is excessive and chaotic. Among them, there are few that have truly formed large-scale and large-scale production, and most of them still remain at the level of simple production. Enterprises have serious repeated investment, insufficient market, empty production capacity, low capital and equipment utilization rates, and high product costs. The domestic spring industry is obviously unable to compete with the international multinational companies in technology and price at the current level, so it is an urgent task to optimize the combination of the precision spring industry. Reorganize the assets of existing spring enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, redistribute the national market to form a leader in one or several industries, expand their market share, increase production scale, thereby reduce production costs, and improve the profitability of the company In order to obtain sufficient funds to transform and update existing equipment, introduce advanced technology and high-quality talents, improve product development capabilities and corporate management levels, so as to improve the overall strength and product competitiveness of the company, and compete with large foreign companies contend. To seek development, enterprises must expand their market share and increase their sales and profitability. Domestic enterprises must actively participate in international competition and improve their anti-risk capabilities and market adaptability through the development of both domestic and foreign markets. Facing the ever-changing sales market, fierce competition and the impact of the economic crisis, it is bound to require companies to break through the traditional business model. Online sales are a good way to save sales costs and increase brand awareness. The business mode of the industry in the future will be: e-commerce + physical sales.

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