The elastic deformation capability of the metal spring is introduced

Elastic potential can also be called “elastic deformation energy” in engineering. Typically, compressed gases, bent bows, tightly rolled hair strips, elongated or compressed springs have elastic potential energy. Springs are more common and typical examples.

The unit of potential energy is consistent with the unit of the work. In determining the size of the spring elastic potential energy, it is necessary to select the state of zero potential energy, generally select the spring did not occur any shape change, and in the case of free state its elastic potential can be zero.

The work done by elastic force is only related to the elongation of the spring in the start and end states, and not to the spring-shaped process.

And is based on the existence of elasticity as a prerequisite, so elastic potential energy is the occurrence of elastic change, between the parts of the elastic force between the object has. If the interaction of two objects is metamorphic, then each object has elastic potential energy, and the total elastic potential can be the sum of the two.