The functional application trend of hardware springs

Trends in the wide application of hardware spring functions:

Application of elastic potential energy of hardware spring

Elastic potential energy is also called “elastic deformation energy” in engineering. Generally, compressed gas, bent bow, wound up spring, elongated or compressed spring all have elastic potential energy. And spring is More common and typical examples.

The unit of potential energy is the same as the unit of work. When determining the magnitude of the spring’s potential energy, the state of zero potential energy needs to be selected. Generally, the spring has not undergone any deformation, and its elastic potential energy is zero when it is in a free state.

The work done by the elastic force is only related to the elongation of the spring in the initial state and the final state, and has nothing to do with the spring deformation process.

And it is based on the existence of elastic force, so the elastic potential energy is the elastic deformation, and the elastic force between the parts has the object. If the two objects interact with each other and deform, then each object has elastic potential energy. The elastic potential energy is the sum of the two.

Hardware springs are widely used in industrial production

It is a comprehensive letter for the spring industry and upstream and downstream enterprises. Hardware spring is a kind of mechanical parts that use elasticity to work. Generally made of hardware shrapnel steel. It is used to control the movement of the mechanical parts, relieve impact or vibration, store energy, The measuring force is widely used in machines and instruments. The types of hardware springs are complex and diverse. According to the shape, there are mainly spiral hardware springs, scroll hardware springs, and plate hardware springs.

The spiral hardware spring sheet is a torsion five hardware spring sheet, and the hardware spring sheet that accepts torsion deformation, the working part is also tightly wound into a spiral shape. The end structure of the torsion hardware spring sheet is processed into various shapes of torsion arms, not hooks .Torsion hardware springs are often used in balancing mechanisms in machinery, and are widely used in industrial production such as automobiles, machine tools, and electrical appliances.

The manufacturing methods of hardware springs are cold-rolled and hot-rolled. For hardware springs with a diameter of less than 8 mm, cold-rolled methods are generally used, and hot-rolled methods are used for hardware springs with a diameter of less than 8 mm. Some hardware springs must be pressed after they are made. Or shot peening treatment can improve the load-bearing capacity of the hardware shrapnel. The hardware spring is a kind of elastic element widely used in the machinery and electronic industries. The hardware spring can produce large elastic deformation when loaded, and reduce the mechanical work or kinetic energy. It is converted into deformation energy, and after unloading, the deformation of the hardware spring sheet disappears and returns to its original state, transforming the deformation energy into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

Features of hardware spring

Squeeze function

Observing various electrical switches, you will find that one of the two contacts of the switch must be equipped with a spring to ensure that the two contacts are in close contact and are in good conduction. If the contact is poor, the resistance at the contact becomes larger and the current passes When the heat generated increases, and in severe cases, the metal at the contact will melt. The two metal posts of the bayonet base are equipped with springs for good contact; as for the central metal piece of the screw base and the plug-in metal of all sockets The blades are all reeds, and their function is to make the two sides in close contact to maintain the same good. When the tape, there is a phosphor bronze reed, using the elastic force generated when it is bent and deformed to make the head and the tape close contact. There is a long coil spring in the stapler. On the one hand, it is used to tighten the staples. On the other hand, when the front staple is pushed out, the back staples can be sent to the front to prepare the staples to be pushed out comfortably. In this way, the nails can be pushed to the front automatically one by one until the nails are all pushed out. Many machines automatically feed materials. In addition, the clips on clothes, ballpoint pens, and pen holders all use the spring compression function Clipped to clothes.

The driving function of the hardware spring

Mechanical clocks and clockwork toys are driven by winding up the mainspring. When the mainspring is wound up, the mainspring bends and deforms and stores a certain amount of elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which is driven to rotate by a transmission device.

Reset function

The spring deforms under the action of external force. After the external force is removed, the spring can be restored to its state. Many tools and equipment use the nature of the spring to reset. For example, many building door hinges are equipped with return springs. People enter and exit After that, the door will automatically reset. People also use this function to make automatic umbrellas, automatic pencils and other supplies, which is very convenient. In addition, various buttons and buttons are also indispensable to reset springs. Mechanical clocks, clockwork toys are tightly closed The mainspring is driven. When the mainspring is tightened, the mainspring bends and deforms and stores a certain amount of elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy, which is driven to rotate through the transmission device.