The past and future of CNC spring machine and computer spring machine

Spring machine
The spring machine generally refers to the mechanical equipment that produces springs. At present, there are automatic and numerical control types.
According to the functional characteristics, it is divided into: compression spring machine, tension spring machine, universal machine, disc machine and special spring machine such as: snake spring machine, torsion spring machine. According to the driving mode, it is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, numerical control and full computer Control
High-end spring machines include WAFIOS’s FMU series, FUL series, and FMK series specially developed for double twisting. Mid-to-high-end machines include Japanese MEC’s ​​TM series, SH series, ITAYA’s AX series, RS series, and Taiwan Northeast EN5 series, KHM KHM Series, the conventional mid-end market includes MAX, JYF, Yongteng, Hedong, XINDA, etc. There are a large number of equipment manufacturing industries in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, which have a certain share in the low-end market.
History of spring machine development
Springs are commonly used components in the industry. They are used in various products ranging from aircraft and warships to mobile phones and cameras. Therefore, the production of springs has a history of hundreds of years. The original spring is only a cylindrical tension and compression spring, which is wound by hand. The technology is relatively immature and the production efficiency is relatively low. It is very difficult to produce large springs on heavy equipment such as trains or tanks — with industrial products The increase in spring products has also become richer, various special-shaped springs such as: tower-shaped (commonly known as battery spring) springs, double twisted yellow, etc., so that many winding molds are made by conventional manual methods, and each spring requires 3~8 Process can be completed, even more processes and poor product stability
(Statistics of Nishida Spring Machinery) With the gradual increase in the amount of springs, a number of companies producing spring equipment have emerged in the first industrialized countries such as Germany and Japan. The technology related to spring machines has gradually matured. Equipment manufacturers represented by wafios are gradually becoming stronger.
In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and Taiwan of my country also have several spring machine manufacturers. Japan is represented by ITAYA, MEC, etc., and Taiwan is represented by Northeast (EN Qiaoding) and Ziyou. MEC’s ​​tension and compression spring machine was once known as the money printing machine in the spring industry, and Taiwan’s Northeast Spring Machinery (EN Qiaoding) is the pioneer of the universal spring machine. The founder of the company, Wu Jintu, relied on years of experience in the spring industry to develop independently A new type of universal spring machine was released, breaking the technological monopoly of Europe and the United States and obtaining invention patents from the United States and Japan. Ziruxing is well-known throughout the Asia-Pacific region for its large compression spring machines
In mainland China, the production of springs has been hand-made for a long time. With the accumulation of technology, several manufacturers of spring machines have emerged, represented by Luoyang machines, but the equipment technology is stable and accurate. There is a certain gap between German and Japanese companies, especially in the control part. In the mid-1990s, Taiwan’s Northeast (EN Qiaoding) spring machine began to be sold in China, which gradually prospered China’s spring industry and also promoted a batch of springs. Manufacturers of machine peripheral equipment, as the spring machine technology matures, several large-scale spring machine equipment manufacturers have appeared in China, such as MAX, Jinyuanfa, Yongteng, etc.