The reason of spring fracture in use

Why do springs break in use? This is the spring material and processing technology is different, so our customers need to master these, processing plants also need to pay attention to processing the best spring products. Spring application technology
1. If the mandrel is too small or the spring is used horizontally, the spring and the mandrel are worn and broken;
2. When the mandrel is too small / the assembly surface is not smooth / the parallelism of the locating surfaces at both ends is poor, the spring will be compressed and twisted, and local high pressure will be produced to fracture;
3. If the spindle is too short and the end is not chamfered, the spring will break due to friction and wear;
4. The use of foreign bodies between the coils reduces the number of effective coils, resulting in high stress and fracture;
5. The spring is used in series to make it bend and exceed the length of mandrel or countersunk hole, or because of the small difference of spring itself, the weak load will bear greater compression and fracture;
6. When the maximum compression is exceeded, the spring will break due to high-efficiency stress;
7. The spring material is not uniform, or the impurity content exceeds the standard, resulting in stress concentration fracture;
8. Over burning, corrosion, high hardness and over extension of spring will reduce its tensile strength and cause fracture.
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