The role of spring industry in the whole manufacturing industry can not be underestimated

Although spring industry is a small industry in the whole manufacturing industry, its role can not be underestimated. To speed up the development of the national industrial manufacturing and automobile industry, the spring industry, as one of the basic parts and components, needs a super early stage of development to adapt to the rapid development of the whole national industry.


In addition, the expansion of the scale and variety of spring products and the improvement of the quality level are also the needs of mechanical equipment upgrading and the performance improvement of supporting main machines. Therefore, spring products play an important role in the development of the whole national industry. The daily necessities industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness equipment, mattresses, sofas and so on, have the largest demand for springs in terms of quantity, with tens of billions of pieces.


The technical requirements are not high and the price is very low. Generally, they are produced by small spring factories scattered all over the country. They have unique advantages in cost, and it is difficult for large spring factories to compete with them. As a result, new spring enterprises are born from time to time. In the future, the market demand will increase by 7% ~ 10% every year. After China’s entry into WTO, the export volume of domestic hardware products has increased significantly, and the demand for springs has been pulled along with it. However, affected by the demand of international market and trade barriers, the international market has its uncertainty.