Types of metal stamping dies

Types of metal stamping dies
There are various kinds of metal stamping products. According to the different products, the molds opened are also different.
1、 Single die. This kind of metal stamping mould is relatively uncomplicated. The sheet is placed in the die cavity and pressed at one time. This kind of mold is mostly used for forming, punching, bending, flanging and so on.
2、 Compound die. It can be one-time forming and punching at the same time, the principle is very similar to that of single die. Precision mould
3、 Continuous modules. The structure is relatively complex, at the same time, the mold reflects positioning, punching, bending, flanging, forming, etc. according to the different products of metal stamping, the mold size is different. The mold structure involved is also different. In short, the tape is fed into the cavity from the left and the product comes out from the right.
4、 Drawing die. Such as stainless steel tea cups, bowls and other products. It is also a complex structure. Positioning, punching and cutting are completed according to the number of steps on the die, and then according to the shape, size and depth of metal stamping products, from shallow to deep, from large to small, gradually stretch to qualified products. Ruishuo hardware takes you to understand the processing technology of hardware shell
Other such as some bending mold, shrinkage mold, plastic mold and so on. Basically, the most commonly used metal stamping is the above four molds.