What acceptance criteria are used for reeds

T 7944-2000 cylindrical reed sampling 1239.2-1989 cold-rolled cylindrical reed technology premise.

Whether the acceptance specification of the reed is correspondingly delineated, in which 1 national standard/line standard? Are there any of the following two specifications? Please pass the specification on to me. T 7944-2000 cylindrical coil spring sampling to check GB/T 1239.2-1989 cold-rolled cylindrical refraction technology premise (our company into a batch of springs, check part took a spring, squash 12 times, from the original 42mm into 39mm. The response was good. But this person emailed me the spring industry called for the introduction of new industry norms in line with international standards.


Sub-report: product information under the product species: hardware, tools / spring internal substantive significance to choose: the current national norms and industry norms are still low, causing the sea spring reed products in the international market competitiveness is not strong, is to speed up the introduction of new industry norms with international standards to become the participants of the voice.


Reporters in Dalian recently held the Shenzhou Machinery General Zero Device Industry Association spring branch of the five six meetings met, the current branch of the members from the simple spring manufacturing enterprises to spring reed raw materials, spring processing equipment and testing equipment production enterprises, the property chain of the long splash to improve the international market competitiveness of China’s spring products. At the same time, in order to further expand the share of the international market, the participants in line with the hope to draw up a development of industry norms that can be developed in line with international standards.


Spring Branch President Zhai Dingwei said in taking over the interview, said that the last decade of growth, the branch members more than doubled, the board members from the past more than 10 to today’s more than 30. The number of members only reflects the group level of China’s spring industry, but in recent years some large spring raw materials and processing equipment and inspection and measurement equipment production enterprises and spring production enterprises in the coordination of the Association to cooperate, change China’s spring raw materials and processing equipment long-term import situation, not only reduce the production cost of China’s spring, but also strong their own, really make a win-win situation.


According to acquaintance, the last years of growth, the current domestic spring regardless of grade as usual quality has been qualitative changes, but with the economic growth, especially the rapid growth of several major industries such as automobiles, power generation, railway transportation and transportation, in the spring industry to bring great market, but also put forward a “difficult need for others to answer the question” . But the last years of the momentum, when the spring industry mastered the advanced forefather technology, raw materials and equipment need others to answer the question is increasingly prominent, which causes some spring production enterprises only suffer from high-priced imports, is, raw materials, production and testing equipment to become a constraint on the growth of China’s spring industry bottle path.


Although the end of the smelting metal industry and equipment manufacturing industry for many years, these need to be answered by others to alleviate the topic, but the present is still far from enough to meet the demand of the spring industry, out of the box is some high-end raw materials, such as high stress anti-corrosion ultra-pure spring steel in the sea has not yet a business can be happy to produce High-stress spring with special spring steel in the sea today only Baosteel can be happy to produce, in the processing and testing and measurement equipment, the current high-power digital control into a line machine, elbow machine, nitride equipment, a large number of process load displacement test machine, etc. are basically the same as the old entrance.


In order to completely solve this bottle diameter, the Association in recent years to focus on the growth of related enterprises, and let these enterprises as the governing unit of the Association, involved in the spring industry market research and research, product research and development, quality package tube and a series of activities, synchronous growth, with improvement.


President Zhai Dingwei also said that the spring industry growth to today, from the past price war, competition slowly into the property chain competition, and the property chain is to rely on the standardization of the eye to complete. According to acquaintances, only the industry’s regulatory system is perfect, but because of the earlier formulation, and the current market demand has a considerable distance, many norms in today is often just a “name interpretation”, especially with Japan, Europa, the United States of America and other developed countries, the current national norms and industry norms are still low, causing the competitiveness of spring products in the international market is not strong, is to speed up the introduction of new international standards of the industry to meet the call.


GB/T2089-94 cylindrical spiral reed (two ends of the ring tight lying or forging flat type) size parameters.