What are the styles of metal springs made of ornaments

The style of jewelry spring is also a style If you can not establish style on the furniture, then, you can consider the jewelry spring as a way to establish a style, not necessarily all jewelry spring is a type, as long as there is one or two extra eye-catching, it can even dominate the overall style, such as a precious painting, placed on the wall of the living room, then, the book is the basic style of your home.

Understanding one style is one more option In addition to modern style, European style, how many furniture styles can you say? When buying furniture, you should at least do your homework in the furniture store.

The first time to visit the furniture store before the decoration now, urban people pay more and more attention to furniture, to like the furniture brand to establish the home style, and then with simple decoration, has become a lot of people agree with the practice. Therefore, when free to visit the furniture store early, in communication with the designer before there is a clear style of furniture, so that will avoid.

Furniture to be set in the construction of more than half down the mind has a favorite style, the specific furniture brand set down, and the purchase time is best in the construction of more than half the start, because many furniture transport period is longer, delivery period usually in about 1 month, so you have to calculate this time, the best decoration can be completed into the furniture, so that furniture and room decoration together with ventilation and drying room. Note that when hanging furniture, the wardrobe door, drawers and other places can be pulled out are open, because the inside is the most need for ventilation!

The placement of the sofa do not let the home appear too full to choose how much sofa, not to see how big the sofa can be placed in the living room, but how much sofa will achieve the best effect, such as the European-style sofa is not suitable for the room is not very suitable for the high-rise room expensive is not necessarily the most suitable, for the choice of soft bed is comfortable with the highest state, and the bed is not comfortable mainly look at the mattress, latex cushion, jewelry spring, palm mat, memory cotton, no matter what type, must be good quality.