What skills do the metal stamping workers need to master

What skills do the metal stamping workers need to master
In the processing of metal stamping factory, stamping workers need to have some skills to process products well and ensure the quality of products.
The stamping workers in hardware stamping factory refer to the staff who operate stamping equipment, deform parts and separate processing. Stamping workers also known as technical workers, not a special type of work.
Stamping workers need to master two aspects of skills, one is theoretical knowledge, the other is practical skills.
In the theoretical knowledge, we should master the basic knowledge of stamping: material plasticity, stamping basic technology and stamping material; the type, structure, installation and debugging of stamping die, the use and lubrication of stamping die. Practical skills to understand: stamping equipment, crank press, auxiliary equipment structure and operation methods; stamping workers often use the type of measuring tools and use methods.
The responsibilities of stamping workers include: 1. Complete the blanking, blanking, punching, bending, straightening, extrusion, stretching and other processes of product parts or processing tasks of directly stamping parts; complete the installation and adjustment of the die, test punching and pressure test, and eliminate the problems of common dies; 2. Ensure the product quality: be familiar with the contents of process drawings before processing, and timely report the unclear parts to Understand with the superior, inspect the product quality after processing; 3. Keep safe and civilized production, wear labor protection articles before work, carry out the fixed position management of production site, and save materials; 4. Abide by the operation rules, be responsible for the integrity of the used equipment, mold, tools, clamps and measuring tools, and maintain the equipment on schedule according to the regulations; 5. Have the responsibility of learning, mastering and applying new technology and knowledge: constantly improve technology Level, participate in the team construction, put forward reasonable suggestions, obey the allocation, and complete the temporary work tasks arranged by the foreman; 6. Keep the work site clean and tidy, clean the punch machine and ground, and stack the corners and waste materials collected in a unified way.