Wide application of induction heating

Induction heating technology is widely used in automobile, tractor and engine industries. There are more than 200 kinds in automobile manufacturing, and nearly 50% of the parts by weight are quenched by induction heating, such as crankshafts, half shafts, camshafts, brake cams, steering knuckles, shift guide block notches, valve adjustment bolts, intake and exhaust valve ends Head, ball head, etc. Among them, the transverse magnetic field heating and quenching of the Dongfeng Motor’s half shaft is the most representative advanced technology. The rectangular inductor using the transverse magnetic field realizes the one-time heating and quenching of the surface and rounded corners of the half shaft, which increases the production efficiency by several times and the bending and torsion fatigue strength of the half shaft by 10 times. The semi-axis induction hardening automatic production line with fault alarm and diagnosis functions and automatically controlled by the computer has been in production for many years. The induction heat treatment of my country’s automobile industry has reached the international advanced level. compressed spring

Since the introduction of SIT (Static Induction Transistor), 1GBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) all-solid-state transistor power supplies in the 1990s by induction power supply manufacturers in my country, the old-fashioned electronic tube high-frequency power supplies and mechanical Intermediate frequency generator sets have been gradually replaced by transistor power supplies, and the new power supplies produced by local companies can basically meet the power and frequency requirements of user companies. The induction hardening machine tool is developing towards the direction of flexibility, automation and intelligence. The induction hardening device with identification parts, control power, automatic adjustment of process parameters, fault display, alarm, and diagnosis is gradually popularized and applied in the automobile industry.