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Multislide Spring & Stamping Affiliation with Fourslide Spring & Stamping Ltd. which have been specializing in custom precision metal stamping, fourslide / multi-slides parts, oem stamping parts, flat spring steel clips, wire forms and springs for more than 10 years. Multislide Spring & Stamping located in Xiamen, China. which is only half an hour to Xiamen Port, Xiamen Gaoqi Air port and the new open up China-Europe rail transportation. we could export our four-slide / multi-slide metal stamping parts world wide with the location advantage.

​With the good reputation of quality and services from our clients, Multislide Spring & Stamping have developed into the earliest and most professional Fourslide and Multi-slides Parts manufacturer in China.

Fourslide Multislide Parts

Why use Fourslide / Multi-slides Stamping

  • Material cost saving advantage for clips.
  • Lower tooling cost than common metal stamping.
  • Small MOQ that can be from a few thousand to millions.
  • Four-slide or Multi-slides can reduce scrap rate.
  • Handle complex bending and multiple bending easily.
  • Faster lead time and lower pricing.

Fourslide, Multislide and Vertislide products are economical way for either small or big volume production of complex clips, springs, stamping parts and wire forms.

Spring Steel Clips

As fourslide / multi-slides machine is not benefit for all metal parts, we also provide custom metal stamping to complementary with multi-slide forming, including both progressive die stamping, precision stamping and high capability punching stamping.  

​​We own wire cutting machines that can make die mold ourselves, which both save the time and cost for our customers. Also, we could free charge the cost for small changes of modifying tooling. No worry about change tooling at the beginning of design.

To supply one-stop-shop service for our customer, we have extend our capability to wire forms and springs which often use with stamping parts.

Metal Stamping Parts

Our Services

Our Services

What we sell are not only the products but also services. our professional sales engineer will help you handle all problems through out the projects. 

We have hundreds of machines of springs, metal stamping, multi-slide and wire forms. So we can handle all the big orders with on time delivery.

Our engineers will assist you with the technical design and issues of the metal parts. like material, surface treatment, hardness and so on.

Some fourslide / multislide parts need to be assembled with rubber or others, we provide assembly and secondary service to meet the requirement of our customers.

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