Fourslide Multi-slide Parts
Multislide / Fourslide Stamping

Multislide / Fourslide stamping was invested by American Manufacturer, which is more accurate and flexible than metal stamping. Four-Slide / Multi-Slide stamping machine could save the material waste as they do not need margin of material for production. Also, compare with metal stamping, some springs like flat springs, mounting clips, metal retainers could easily made by Four-Slide / Multi-Slide machine as they could handle a lot of bending. Besides saving materials, Multislide could also saving mold cost, they just need some small tooling not like a big tooling of metal stamping.

Fourslide parts , Multi-Slides parts are manufacturer by a new stamping process that enables the rapid and efficient manufacture of parts with a wide range of complex shapes through the combined movement of four sliders. Compared with the traditional stamping process, Fourslide technology has higher production efficiency and more accurate dimensional control, so it is widely used in automotive, home appliances, electronics and other industries. Multislide parts generally refer to a series of parts and components that are manufactured using multi-slide technology. This technology can achieve more complex shapes through the combined movement of multiple sliders, which further improves the accuracy and productivity of stamping.

Advantages of Fourslide Parts, Multi-Slides Parts:

1. High precision: Fourslide Multi-Slides technology can achieve high-precision stamping to ensure the size and shape accuracy of the product. This helps to improve the quality and performance of the product and reduces the need for subsequent processing and adjustments.

2. Efficient production: Fourslide Stamping Multi-Slides Stamping can achieve fast and efficient production and improve production efficiency. Due to the combined movement of the four slides, the stamping rate and output can be greatly increased, and the production cost can be reduced.

3. Diversified products: Through Fourslide Stamping Multi-Slides Stamping technology, stamping parts with various complex shapes can be manufactured to meet the needs of different industries. This technology breaks through the limitations of traditional stamping processes and enables the manufacture of more diverse and personalized products.

4. Improve design flexibility: Fourslide parts, Multi-Slides parts provide designers with more design space to better realize design concepts and ideas. This technology helps drive product innovation by enabling complex shapes that are unattainable or difficult to process with traditional processes.

5. Reduce the cost of molds: Fourslide parts Multi-Slides parts can use universal molds for multi-variety and small-batch production, which reduces the cost of molds. This is very beneficial for new product development that requires continuous iteration and trial production.

6. Wide adaptability of materials: Fourslide parts, Multi-Slides parts are suitable for a variety of materials with different properties and thicknesses, providing more possibilities for different industries to choose materials.

7. Wide application: Fourslide parts, Multi-Slides parts can be widely used in automobiles, home appliances, electronics, aerospace and many other fields, providing advanced stamping solutions for various industries.

Capability of Fourslide Parts:
Diameter 0.05mm – 5mm
Thickness 0.05mm – 2mm

Material of Multislide Parts:
From carbon steel to stainless steel as well as music wire, galvanized wire, phosphor bronze and so on.

Application of Multislide:
Mobile electrical contacts, led lighting fixtures, auto industry, sanitary ware and so on. 

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Custom S Shape Clips with Fourslide Multi-Slides

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