Flat Springs

Characteristics of Flat Spring Clips

Flat spring has the following characteristics:

Good elasticity: Flat spring has undergone precise stamping and processing, with good elasticity that can adapt to different pressures and deformations, ensuring the stability and reliability of the connection.
Excellent conductivity: Flat spring is made of metal materials, which have good conductivity and can ensure smooth current transmission, reduce electrical losses and heating phenomena.
High wear and corrosion resistance: Flat spring has undergone surface treatment and anti-corrosion treatment, which has high wear and corrosion resistance and can adapt to various complex environments and climate conditions, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.
Easy to install and maintain: Flat Spring has a simple structure, is easy to install, and is also easy to maintain and replace. During the installation process, adjustments and fixation can be made according to actual needs to adapt to different equipment and scene requirements.
Low cost: Compared to other connectors or contactors, Flat Spring has a lower cost and can effectively reduce production and maintenance costs.
Overall, Flat Spring has excellent electrical, mechanical, and corrosion resistance properties, making it widely used in many fields, such as switches, relays, battery connectors, circuit board connections, etc.

Spring elasticity: The elasticity of the spring is used to fix or clamp the object. Without complicated operation, the spring can be pressed or stretched slightly to quickly clamp the object.
Provide reliable gripping force: provide reliable gripping force for documents, papers, photos or other small articles to ensure that the articles will not be scattered or lost.
Convenience and versatility: the spring clip has a convenient way of use and a wide range of applications, which can be used in many fields such as office document arrangement, school student clip examination paper notes, craft production, model building, electronic equipment assembly, etc.
Variety: There are different designs and styles, such as some with handles for ease of operation, some for transparency or color for added aesthetics, and specially shaped spring clips for specific items or scenes.
Variety of materials: common materials include metal and plastic. Robust and durable metal spring clamp, suitable for heavy loads; Plastic spring clips are lighter and suitable for general lightweight gripping requirements.