Spring Steel Clips

Customized Spring Steel Clips For Lamp Holder

Custom spring steel clips for lampholders with the following features:
Precise adaptability: customized according to the specific specifications and design requirements of the lamp base, which can perfectly match the lamp base and ensure the stability and accuracy of the installation.
Good Elasticity: The spring steel material gives the collet exceptional flexibility to maintain a steady holding force over long periods of use.
Corrosion resistance: after special treatment, it has good corrosion resistance and adapts to various factors in the use environment of lamp holder.
Conductivity (if required): In certain types of lamp holders, clamps may be required to have a certain conductivity to ensure the normal transmission of current.

Its functions in the lamp holder include:
Fixing bulb: tightly clamp the bulb to prevent it from loosening or falling off and ensure stable output of light.
Good contact: ensure good electrical contact between bulb and lampholder, and improve working efficiency and stability of lamps.

In some high-end lighting fixtures, customized spring steel clamps can provide reliable fixation for bulbs of special shapes and specifications, and ensure the beauty and performance of the fixtures; In the field of industrial lighting, this clamp can maintain effective fixation and good conductivity of the bulb under severe environmental conditions.


Spring Steel Clips, also known as Spring Clips, are a common type of metal fixture. They are usually made of high carbon steel or stainless steel, undergo heat treatment and surface treatment, and have high elasticity and corrosion resistance.
Spring steel clips are widely used in various industrial fields, such as automotive manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, and electrical appliance manufacturing. Their main purpose is to clamp, fix, or connect various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. By applying pressure, spring steel clips can firmly connect materials together while maintaining the stability of their shape and size.
The design of spring steel clip is diverse and can be customized according to different application scenarios and needs. They typically have adjustable sizes and shapes to accommodate workpieces of different sizes and shapes. In addition, spring steel clip also have good durability and reliability, and can maintain their clamping force and stability after multiple uses.
In summary, spring steel clips are a practical metal fixture with broad application prospects and market demand.