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Fourslide Multi-slide Parts

Multislide parts, fourslide parts also called vertislide parts. they are new technology invested by US manufacturer to produce clips, brackets, retainers. they can handle complex bending which metal stamping is not good at.

Multi-slides Parts Fourslide Parts

Spring Steel Clips

Most of our spring steel clips, stainless steel clips, retaining clips are made of Fourslide / Multislide machine, it’s another metal stamping method that can reduce material waste, very suitable for spring steel clips. 

Spring Steel Clips

Metal Stamping Parts

Multislide Spring & Stamping focus on custom precision metal stamping and high speed punch. Metal stamping parts are widely use in many fields like electronics, medical and other industrial.

Metal Stamping

Wire Forms / Wire Forming

Wire Forming / Wire Forms are made by CNC Spring Machine or Multi-slide stamping machine, they require a variety of bending of any angle, testing the technical level of a company. 

Wire Forms


Our coil springs including Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs,  with the material of spring steel, stainless steel, music wire and so on.


Copper and Brass Tubing

Our hardware tubing, copper tube bending, brass tubes bending and fittings are custom crafted to suit your application, and will meet or exceed the most stringent quality standards in any business segment. 

Copper and Brass Tubing

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